Skydiving in the Northwest of England.

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You are sitting in the open doorway of the plane, your heart is pounding, your mind screeming 'What the hell am I doing here!!!!'. The abyss opens to swallow you as you drop away from the plane but, hang on.... there's NO fear just the awesome exhilarating feeling you get when you have achieved something you never thought possible! Now you can just enjoy the rest of the experience, the speed of the freefall, followed by the serenety of being under parachute whilst feeling more alive than you ever have! You'll then have that buzz of a lifetime to remember for the rest of your life!!!

You've sold me! How can I experience this?!

Here at we provide a booking service for your convenience. You can view more details about the different options you can take on our Tandem, RAPS and AFF pages.

Once you have chosen your desired route into the exciting world of skydiving you can call us on 07923 041470 to book your adventure.

Do it for a good cause and for FREE!

Have the most fun you've ever experienced in the northwest of england whilst raising money for your favourite charity. Many people use the opportunity to get sponsored and get their skydiving lessons or tandem skydive.! Most charities can supply you with a fundraising pack and you can legally use up to 50% of the money you raise to fund the activity you are being sponsored to do. Therefore you get to do the activity for FREE!!!!! Once you have booked your skydive use the links on the left to select your charity and set up your sponsorship.

Skydive centre location - Lancashire.



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